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Four Short Links, Oct 14, 2009

  • Larry Ellison hates cloud computing – funny clip of Ellison lambasting the idea of clouds. Yes, really, clouds have been around for over a decade, we just didn’t know it (or realize it).
  • Dynamic general and slow query log before MySQL 5.1 – This is an interesting way of handling the slow and general query logs on pre-5.1 MySQL instances. We don’t need this on slow, but there’s been occasions that we’ve needed the general query log, but enabling it and disabling it requires a full restart of the service on 5.0 and earlier. You still take a performance hit because you’re always logging, but I would think it to be fairly minimized on modern fast hardware.
  • Watch out for your CRON jobs – Over at the MySQL Performance Blog, Peter Zaitsev gives some good guidelines on things to pay attention to when designing your cron jobs. Not just for databases. I like the idea of keeping historical run time information so you can see when large jumps in run time occur (which could be a problem.
  • How Did Danger Not Backup Its Servers? How Did Microsoft Allow Such A Failure? – Oy. A few days late on this one, but really? Total data loss from an upgrade. Scary. This is a reminder: we all test our backups, but how many of us test our restores?
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