Four short links: Tuesday, Nov 3rd 2009

Electric Alchemy: Cracking Passwords in the Cloud: Breaking PGP on EC2 with EDPR.  An interesting discussion about using Amazon EC2 to make it possible for the underfunded layman to crack passwords. “There is no YEAR ZERO for HTML. It’s a conversation […]”. One of the comments on Mark Pilgrim’s post about Why do we have […]

Four Short Links, Oct 14, 2009

Larry Ellison hates cloud computing – funny clip of Ellison lambasting the idea of clouds. Yes, really, clouds have been around for over a decade, we just didn’t know it (or realize it). Dynamic general and slow query log before MySQL 5.1 – This is an interesting way of handling the slow and general query […]

Four Short Links: Thurs., October 1st, 2009

Your People – Rand in Repose: “Your People will piss you off because the relationship is genuine. They do not coddle and they do not spin. Consequently, Your People error-correct you in ways that others cannot.” Wordle: ” Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.” This looks like a […]

Four Short Links: Tues., Sept 8th 2009

Rand in Repose: Your People — Rand talks about the idea of Your People. “These are a strange lot of people you’ve discovered in a motley array of places because you were searching for them. […] while Your People may be less work, they are harder people to have in your life. These are not […]