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The “Enterprise” …

From a discussion with a few peers in the industry.  I was entertained.

peer> Now when I hear someone use the word “enterprise”
   as an adjective, I have to ask them which of the four meanings
   they intend:
peer> 1.  defunct and destroyed (the Enterprise aircraft
   carrier from WW2)
peer> 2.  ancient and nearly dead (the Enterprise nuclear
    aircraft carrier)
peer> 3.  a nonfunctional mockup (the Enterprise space shuttle)
peer> 4.  imaginary (the starship Enterprise)
peer> Typically “enterprise software” fits perfectly in one of
   those four categories.

Name withheld to, of course, protect the guilty.

Travis Campbell
Staff Systems Engineer at ghostar
Travis Campbell is a seasoned Linux Systems Engineer with nearly two decades of experience, ranging from dozens to tens of thousands of systems in the semiconductor industry, higher education, and high volume sites on the web. His current focus is on High Performance Computing, Big Data environments, and large scale web architectures.