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Seth's Blog: Ms. In-between

If the only reason you’re only wearing one hat is because you’ve always only worn one hat, that’s not a good reason.

Seth’s Blog: Ms. In-between.

Tradition for tradition’s sake is never a good reason to continue doing something in a technical environment.  The landscape is ever changing.  You should always be re-evaluating what you’re doing while keeping an eye on the bleeding edge of your profession. It’s the difference between being relevant and being the (only) caretaker of a legacy system.

When was the last time you challenged a tradition?

Travis Campbell
Staff Systems Engineer at ghostar
Travis Campbell is a seasoned Linux Systems Engineer with nearly two decades of experience, ranging from dozens to tens of thousands of systems in the semiconductor industry, higher education, and high volume sites on the web. His current focus is on High Performance Computing, Big Data environments, and large scale web architectures.