Lack of backup foils Va.’s new IT system | Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Every time we’re down for an hour, that’s about 2,500 people inconvenienced,” Smit said. “They’re blaming my people for it and [state IT officials] have an obligation to fix it.” Lack of backup foils Va.’s new IT system | Richmond Times-Dispatch. One of the things we’ve been grappling with lately is some unfortunate unplanned outages […]

Never change anything on Friday at 5pm.

SEVERE: Socket accept failed SSL handshake error No available certificate or key corresponds to the SSL cipher suites which are enabled. at at$ at Source) This is the reason you never change anything on Friday at 5pm. While attempting to update the SSL certificate for the MySQL Enterprise Monitor (for […]

Resizing a multipathed SAN LUN under RHEL5

So today I found myself staring at the Red Hat LVM documentation wherein I began to silently cuss.  You see, I needed to double the LUN size for MySQL’s usage on one of my servers.  These servers are our first that are directly attached into the SAN and running Linux, so we’re working a bit […] » Tshark to the rescue (MySQL snooping)

And while I was at it. I figured out I could do something similar with mysql queries. Instead of turning on full Query-logging in mysql (which probably means a restart of a running production mysql) I could just sniff it tshark -i eth0 -aduration:60 -d tcp.port==3306,mysql -T fields \ -e mysql.query ‘port 3306’ » […]

Four short links: Tuesday, Nov 3rd 2009

Electric Alchemy: Cracking Passwords in the Cloud: Breaking PGP on EC2 with EDPR.  An interesting discussion about using Amazon EC2 to make it possible for the underfunded layman to crack passwords. “There is no YEAR ZERO for HTML. It’s a conversation […]”. One of the comments on Mark Pilgrim’s post about Why do we have […]

Seth's Blog: Ms. In-between

If the only reason you’re only wearing one hat is because you’ve always only worn one hat, that’s not a good reason. Seth’s Blog: Ms. In-between. Tradition for tradition’s sake is never a good reason to continue doing something in a technical environment.  The landscape is ever changing.  You should always be re-evaluating what you’re […]