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Ubuntu Linux adds private cloud backing | Open Source – InfoWorld

Ubuntu Linux adds private cloud backing

Canonical’s upcoming server upgrade supports the Eucalyptus project’s open source system for cloud implementation using hardware and software already in place

Canonical is touting private cloud capabilities in an upgrade to its Ubuntu Linux OS being announced on Tuesday.

Available for free download on October 29, Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition introduces UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud), an open source cloud computing environment based on the same APIs as Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). Businesses can take advantage of private clouds, Canonical said.

Ubuntu Linux adds private cloud backing | Open Source – InfoWorld.

This should prove interesting.  If we were able to leverage something like this, we could build out a private cloud for researchers.  The Eucalyptus system certainly looks useful.  Especially if they’re touting it as API compatible with other external cloud vendors.  We’d certainly need to do some heavy investigation to figure out what running our own cloud would actually mean.  I can certainly see it as being completely different than running a classic high performance computing grid.

You, too, can have a cloud in the privacy of your own home!  Time to keep up with the Jones’s again!

Travis Campbell
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