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ComputerWorld Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks

Two quotes stick out from this article for me:

Foundational (bottom-up) respect is not only the largest single determining factor in the success of an IT team, but the most ignored. I believe you can predict success or failure of an IT group simply by assessing the amount of mutual respect within it.


The primary task of any IT group is to teach people how to work.IT’s job at the most fundamental level is to build, maintain and improve frameworks within which to accomplish tasks.[…] IT groups literally teach and reteach the world how to work. That’s the job.

ComputerWorld Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks.

First, I can agree with that first quote without any reservation.  I’ve been in groups that worked extremely well and those that didn’t.  The difference between the two was the amount of mutual respect I saw between the people.  Remember, it’s people that make things successful.

Second, I’ve always said that my job was to make your job easier. It’s good to be validated.

Travis Campbell
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