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The Trouble with MySQL Tribbles

Well, I’ve been back at UT for almost two months now and finding it to be a pretty enjoyable experience.  For those who don’t know me, my name is Travis Campbell.  I work in ITS Systems Unix managing the hosted MySQL database services for the University.  As I get deeper into UT’s MySQL infrastructure, I’ll be blogging here with general updates and related information suitable for the UT MySQL community at large.

Things I’m working on:

  • Streamlining the hosted MySQL database request process.
  • Consolidating the hosted and self-managed MySQL documentation on the ITS website.
  • Modifying the hosted MySQL database services so they meet the minimum ISO requirements for storing Category 1 data.
  • Looking to bring high-availability to the hosted MySQL database services (right now we have warm standbys).
  • Looking at ways to streamline the backup processes using Zmanda ZRM (community edition).
  • Slowly moving myself into the position as the University’s global MySQL resource (thanks to our recent purchase of a campus-wide platinum support contract from Sun/MySQL).
  • Elevate hosted MySQL services to the point of allowing connections from non-UTS/WebCentral systems (for those who need hosted databases but still want to use their own web services, for example).

Ultimately, I have quite a few lofty goals and a commitment to bringing MySQL into even more of an enterprise class of service for the University.  There’s lots of work and a long road ahead, but it’s going to be fun.

[Ok, no tribbles were harmed in the making of this blog posting.  Sorry to get your hopes up!]

Travis Campbell
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