Encrypting MySQL connections

One of the things I’ve been tasked with implementing is support for serving Category 1 data from our MySQL servers.  Historically, this has been shied away from because of the complexity associated with managing the SSL certificates for all of the potential clients.  This came up again after I took over.  There are customers inside […]

Useful LDAP/Kerberos integration resources

I was recently in a meeting discussing the integration of Unix account management (passwd and group) with Active Directory via LDAP and Kerberos.  Having done some of this at a previous job, I’d already done some research into getting it working.  I found some useful resources back then on getting this all working right.  I […]

Confusing service types

One of the problems we face in ITS is promoting, yet differentiating, the types of MySQL services we provide.  I hear you thinking, “But you’re ITS!  You only provide one type … it’s just mysql!”  Yes and no.  I’m in this weird spot where I’m tasked with being the lead MySQL person for ITS Systems […]

The Trouble with MySQL Tribbles

Well, I’ve been back at UT for almost two months now and finding it to be a pretty enjoyable experience.  For those who don’t know me, my name is Travis Campbell.  I work in ITS Systems Unix managing the hosted MySQL database services for the University.  As I get deeper into UT’s MySQL infrastructure, I’ll […]