Docker for Mac Tips for Troubleshooting Container Problems

I’ve used Docker for Mac since the Beta release opened to wider audiences. With the rapid prototyping I’m doing on Hadoop environments, I’m finding it great for providing quick environments to test out theories. Problem: How do you access the Docker for Mac VM? The problem with a black box is not being able to easily get inside […]

Resizing a multipathed SAN LUN under RHEL5

So today I found myself staring at the Red Hat LVM documentation wherein I began to silently cuss.  You see, I needed to double the LUN size for MySQL’s usage on one of my servers.  These servers are our first that are directly attached into the SAN and running Linux, so we’re working a bit […] » Tshark to the rescue (MySQL snooping)

And while I was at it. I figured out I could do something similar with mysql queries. Instead of turning on full Query-logging in mysql (which probably means a restart of a running production mysql) I could just sniff it tshark -i eth0 -aduration:60 -d tcp.port==3306,mysql -T fields \ -e mysql.query ‘port 3306’ » […]

Tips: See the contents of an RPM post-install script

Today I had the need to look at’s post-install scripts for MySQL Advanced. Unfortunately, I was lazy not having quick and easy access to the specfile, I used my blackbelt in Google-fu to figure out that it was simpler than I thought. In my case, I had already installed the RPM. All I needed […]