Encrypted MySQL connections (for client and replication)

There are four basic things you need to do when attempting to set up encrypted MySQL connections. Make sure your MySQL installation is configured with SSL. Create a set of certificates for your master, your slave, and your client(s). Configure your master and slave my.cnf with the correct ssl-* options. Configure the replication with the […]

Ha ha! SSL success for AD/LDAP.

Ha ha! Further success on the Linux -> Active Directory integration front. I got SSL working for the underlying ldap bind user. What’s this mean? Protection of the directory information over the wire as it travels from the domain controller to the client host where it will be used. So what’s the necessary setup bits?  […]

Encrypting MySQL connections

One of the things I’ve been tasked with implementing is support for serving Category 1 data from our MySQL servers.  Historically, this has been shied away from because of the complexity associated with managing the SSL certificates for all of the potential clients.  This came up again after I took over.  There are customers inside […]