So, some Solaris updates

Some minor updates on the Solaris/AD front. Alex and I have opened tickets with both Microsoft and Sun regarding the problems we’re seeing with VLV support between Solaris and Active Directory. Based on conversations and emails with both companies, we don’t think it’s VLV that’s really broken. Along with VLV, it appears you have to/should […]

Solaris logins work!

What a frustrating afternoon. I spent today working on the Solaris LDAP/Kerberos configuration for authenticating against AD. The short story is that I can now successfully login to my Solaris 10 zone using my windows credentials. Just like on the linux box. The long story (with details) will be posted later because Alex and I […]

Useful LDAP/Kerberos integration resources

I was recently in a meeting discussing the integration of Unix account management (passwd and group) with Active Directory via LDAP and Kerberos.  Having done some of this at a previous job, I’d already done some research into getting it working.  I found some useful resources back then on getting this all working right.  I […]