Four Short Links: Thurs., October 1st, 2009

Your People – Rand in Repose: “Your People will piss you off because the relationship is genuine. They do not coddle and they do not spin. Consequently, Your People error-correct you in ways that others cannot.” Wordle: ” Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.” This looks like a […]

Four Short Links: Tues., Sept 8th 2009

Rand in Repose: Your People — Rand talks about the idea of Your People. “These are a strange lot of people you’ve discovered in a motley array of places because you were searching for them. […] while Your People may be less work, they are harder people to have in your life. These are not […]

"Failure is always an option."

Great video from MythBuster’s Adam Savage on the topic of failure. I’d embed it, but WP is being wonky about the code. I think the story on the film school set was very poignant. Sometimes you just have to realize that there’s nothing you can do for a failure but learn from it.