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I’ve been thinking about positive life choices lately. Trying to improve my outlook, really. More of the good things, less of the time sucking things, none of the time-wasting stuff. I ran across this format recently and thought it would be a good way to keep track of things I wanted to accomplish throughout the year. I’m starting a bit late, but hey … better late than never.

This is about bring priority and focus to my life.

➖ Less

  • time in-front of a television
  • fewer YouTube channel subscriptions
  • shopping for physical books (kindle first, if I must)
  • focusing on acquiring stuff for hobbies instead of doing the hobby
  • Facebook

➕ More

  • exercise starting with walking and weight lifting
  • hiking with my wife
  • camping and fishing
  • working on the radio
  • reading through the stack of backlogged books
  • woodworking
  • getting out to see friends
  • keeping the office tidy
  • personal time for introspection and note taking
  • writing
  • time sitting on the back porch to relax
  • researching places to live
  • photography (and get those photos printed)
  • self-awareness and taking more responsibility in my actions
  • playing with the cats
  • getting dirty in the garden
  • saving for the future
  • giving to the non-profits that mean something to me
  • learning to better engage with others

🚫 None

  • paying attention to politics (bye bye /r/politics)
  • paying attention to evening news
  • getting sucked into Netflix binge watching
Inspired by a post from Jacoby Young
Travis Campbell
Staff Systems Engineer at ghostar
Travis Campbell is a seasoned Linux Systems Engineer with nearly two decades of experience, ranging from dozens to tens of thousands of systems in the semiconductor industry, higher education, and high volume sites on the web. His current focus is on High Performance Computing, Big Data environments, and large scale web architectures.
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