Seth's Blog: Spare no expense!

The way around it, I think, is to set expectations early and often. If you’re going to give me your phone number, you better answer it. If you’re going to offer a warranty, you better honor it. If you position yourself as a company with real people eager to make every single person happy–you better […]

Why corporate IT should unchain our office computers. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine

What’s worse, because they aren’t tasked with understanding how people in different parts of a company do their jobs, IT managers often can’t appreciate how profoundly certain tools can improve how we work. Why corporate IT should unchain our office computers. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine. At first glance, this article made me […]

Seth's Blog: Competing with the singleminded

When you have someone who is willing to accomplish A without worrying about B and C, they will almost always defeat you in accomplishing A. Online, of course, this often leads to doom, since there are many organizations that are willing to get big at the expense of revenue, or writers willing to be noticed […]

"Failure is always an option."

Great video from MythBuster’s Adam Savage on the topic of failure. I’d embed it, but WP is being wonky about the code. I think the story on the film school set was very poignant. Sometimes you just have to realize that there’s nothing you can do for a failure but learn from it.

Encrypted MySQL connections (for client and replication)

There are four basic things you need to do when attempting to set up encrypted MySQL connections. Make sure your MySQL installation is configured with SSL. Create a set of certificates for your master, your slave, and your client(s). Configure your master and slave my.cnf with the correct ssl-* options. Configure the replication with the […]