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Leatherman Charge ALX

Many multi-tools seem to be a flimsy sampling of little knick-knacks. We’ve seen different versions for ages, but they rely on a simple straight-edged pocket knife to do most of the real work. However, Leatherman’s interesting Charge ALX model is a little different. It does away with many of the old issues multi-tools faced, like those Phillips drivers which always seemed to be less than helpful.

Toolmonger » Blog Archive » Leatherman Charge ALX

I think I’ve found my new multi-tool.  I’ve used Leatherman tools since I started in IT.  I’ve had three:  one of the originals that you can no longer get and two Waves.  I lost one Wave at a grocery story.  Don’t ask how, it was just stupidity on my part.  I gave the original Leatherman to my Dad when I got my first Wave.  He used the hell out of it.  Even breaking one of the knife blades on it.  When he sent it back to Leatherman for repair, he was expecting to have to pay for it.  Nope.  25 year warranty covered it.  That’s what I like to see in a company.

My second Wave has been with me for going on 5 years now.  It’s generally never far from my side.  It’s just that useful.  I didn’t think Leatherman could make a better multi-tool until the Charge ALX.

And now I want one.

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